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Playdough: Your Friend and Your Enemy

August 12, 2008

Playdough (or the name brand version “Play-Doh”) is really not the enemy.  It really is a great tool.  Kids are bored… whip out the playdough.  Nathan, who just turned five, loves to make it into different things, but mostly loves to spread it out over the table and let his cars drive over it.  Ashlyn eats it… it provides about 5 minutes worth of entertainment for her before she’s hiding under the table, eating it.  She’s my main “playdough in the carpet” offender.  What she doesn’t eat gets crumpled up and dropped on the floor.

With an only child, I probably would have pulled all of it out of the child’s mouth and cleaned up, putting the Playdough away for another 6 months.  Second child… read the label… good… non-toxic.

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