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Three Weeks to Go!

August 14, 2008

Unless God or this baby has other plans, I will be delivering little Joshua  in three weeks from tomorrow.  I quickly think about all that has to be done before-hand… we’re going through a remodel at the same time, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel as far as that goes.  

Anyway, William’s dad and stepmom are coming to help, which will be huge (they’ll watch Ashlyn and Nathan for the 3-4 days that I’ll be in the hospital).  We are probably more relaxed about this baby, though, than the other two as far as expecting him and the home adjustment.

However, I labored with the first two and this will be the first time I’m “scheduled” for a c-section, which makes me a bit nervous.  My first c-section experience was HORRIBLE… let’s say the anesthesia didn’t quite do its job.  The second one with Ashlyn was great… I didn’t feel a thing during the procedure (really, were we meant to be awake while someone is cutting you open?).  Hearing the baby cry and all that is pretty cool, but what happen to the days of putting women asleep before you cut them in half?

Sorry to be gross.


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