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Albertson’s Sales (Florida): Week of 08/20 – 8/26

August 20, 2008

NOTE: Publix bought out many Albertsons, so PLEASE check to see if your local Albertsons is going out of business or not.  For those that are, they will NOT honor any current sales ads; however, there are starting to be some real discounts for certain items in the stores, and the % off changes every Wednesday or Thursday.  So, if something isn’t  a great deal today, check it out next week to see if it might be better.

 By the way, after asking a manager, they DO NOT take manufacturers or any coupons for items purchased at closing stores.


New York Strip Steaks (5.78/lb, bone in)

Tuna, Wild Yellow Fin (4.99/lb, frozen)

Pork Chops (1.49/lb)

Filet Mignon (Beef Tenderloin, 8.99/lb, in bag)



10 for $10 items

Albertson’s Chicken: Whole, Drumsticks, or Thighs ( for $10)

Ajax Dish Liquid

Albertson’s Cereal

Albertson’s Oatmeal

Arizona Tea (20 oz)

Avocadoes, Hass or Greenskin

Bacon, Best Buy

Bar S Meat Franks (12 oz)

Barilla Pasta (13.25-16 oz, variety)

Barnum’s Animal Crackers

Borden Sliced Cheese (6-8 oz, yellow or sandwich mate)

Bread, White Albertsons Brand

Claussen Pickle Relish (10 oz)

Cracker Jack (3 pack)

Cream Cheese, Albertson’s brand (8oz)

Deans French Onion Dip (8 oz)

Eggo Waffles

Eggs, Large Albertsons Brand

Friendship Sour Cream (16 oz)

Gatorade (32 oz)

Green Bell Peppers

HomeLife Awesome Paper Towels

Hunt’s Manwich (16 oz, regular or BBQ)

Hunt’s Snack Packs (4pk, 3.5 oz)

Kelloggs Cereal to Go (1.25-2.8 oz)

Kleenex Facial Tissue (75-200 ct)

Knorr (Pasta or Rice  with sauce)

Lay’s Potato Chips (3.13-5.5 oz)

Lunchmeat, Albertsons brand, 8 oz

Marbled Composition Book (100 ct)

Milk (1qt), Albertsons Brand

Minute Maid Frozen Cups (12 oz)

Motts Applesauce (6 ct)

Oscar Mayer Lunchables (4.5 oz)

PaperMate Grip Pens (8 ct)

Pepsi Products (2 liters)

Pictsweet Vegetables (13-16 oz)

Quakes Rice Snacks (3-3.5 oz)

Salad Shrimp (4oz)

Smuckers Jam or Jelly (32oz)

Taco Bell Refried Beans (16 oz)

Tropicana Punch

Write Brothers Pens (8-10 ct)



Deli Items (10 for $10)

            French Bread (Fresh)

            Cake Squares (Single Serve)

            Hoagie or Kaiser Rolls

            Mini Pies


98 Cent Sale

Chicken Breast, Sanderson Farms (Bone-in)

Pork Picnic Roast

Whole Roasting Chickens, Sanderson Farms

Turkey, Honeysuckle Frozen

Peaches, Eastern (Fresh)

Tomatoes on the Vine

Plums, Fresh

Broccoli, Fresh


BOGO Deals

Lots of Black Angus this week on BOGO deals.  All meat cuts below average to 3.50 per pound, and are BOGO, meaning final average per pound is about 1.75.  Not bad for a better cut of beef.

Bottom Round Steak

Boneless Chuck Roast

Bottom Round Roast

Boneless Chuck Steaks

Damp Rid Moisture Absorber

Doritos (12.25-12.5 oz)


            Campari Tomatoes

            Yellow Onions (3 lb bag)

            Red Potatoes (2 lb bag)


Other Deals Worth Mentioning

Ribeye Steak (7.99/lb, save 4.00)

Campbell’s Products on Sale this week, most notable are: Condensed Soups, Soup at Hand, Soup Bowls (.88 EACH!, over 45 varieties), and Spaghettios (.49 each)

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