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My 3rd Poison Control Center call…

August 20, 2008

Well, never called poison control on Nathan.

Ashlyn is a different story.  First time was over about a year ago when she ate a bunch of Rolaids that were left on our bedside table.  Second time was when she ate a bunch of our fluoride-laden toothpaste.

The third time was just 30 minutes ago.  We are staying at the house of someone who graciously let us invade their home while floors are being fixed at our house.  Nathan and Ashlyn were together and were very quiet for a couple of minutes.  They had been getting into things all morning and I was certainly on edge.  Too quiet… this can’t be good.

Upon investigation I found two sets of teeth-whitening syringes, clear gel all over Nathan’s hands, and open syringes and lids.  I asked Nathan if Ashlyn had eaten any of it… she had.  Who knew how much.  Called Poison control and after some investigation, they determined she’d be okay.  Needless to say I had quite the hysterical reaction the few minutes prior to the call, and (I’m ashamed to admit) my voice was raised several decibels because I was freaking out, wondering if this was going to harm her.  After calming down and talking to PCC, Nathan and Ashlyn were both sent to nap very quickly.

I pray this is one of those days that my kids won’t be talking about with their therapist 20 years down the road!

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