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Big Beds

August 24, 2008

Nathan in his toddler bed, 2006.  Yes, he still sleeps

with this insane amount of stuffed animals in his bed.

Tomorrow (Monday) Nathan and Ashlyn will both be getting big beds.  Nathan has been sleeping on a toddler bed for about 3 years now and he’s outgrown it.   I find him every morning with his little feet dangling off of it.  We have friends that are giving us a set of bunk beds which will work out well for he and Joshua when they’re a little older.  For now, Nathan will sleep on the bottom bunk.  He’s SUPER excited!

And, Ashlyn will finally be in a big girl bed.  She could have transitioned a while back, but we’re just now getting the full bed set put together (the one I had as a kid) and buying mattresses tomorrow from Big Lots (can you believe it?).  Anyway, she’s slept on real beds before and has done fine.  She still gets up once a night, but that’s usually because she’s dropped her binky from the crib and she can’t get down to get it.  Maybe this will remedy some of that… or maybe we’ll have someone roaming around at night, aimlessly looking for it.  We’ll see!

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