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Big Lots Blessings…

August 25, 2008

Just wanted to pass along a Praise God moment…

We had searched for a good (but not horribly expensive) full size mattress for Ashlyn’s bed.  This would also serve as the guest bed for any visitors who come to see us in Florida, so we wanted to get something of good quality, too.

After much research, I learned that mattress companies (Serta, Sealy, Simmons) typically make only a few kind of mattresses and then rename them depending on what store they sell them to.  This makes comparison shopping EXTREMELY hard.  Sort of like the Lowes appliance scam… you won’t find a better price because you’ll never find the EXACT same model (the appliance companies “rename” the actual appliance according to which store it is produced for).  

Big Lots actually has a Serta Perfect Sleeper which is comparable to many other models sold in mattress stores… same warranty, same build.  Probably same mattress.  

Anyway, LONG story short, we went to Big Lots prepared to buy both mattress and boxsprings.  When William got there, the boxsprings were only $10!!!!! (when you bought the mattress).  

That’s a $90 blessing right there… thank you God!

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