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Another 4:30 a.m. post…

August 26, 2008

One degree…

That’s what makes a difference between a good nights sleep and waking up sweating.  If we set our thermostat on 77 degrees, it never kicks on.  76 and we’re freezing, but at least I’m covered up and asleep.  I figure this is all just preparation for when little Joshua comes.

Plus, it gives me some very much needed quiet time to think, read, blog, and prepare.  I just checked on Nathan and Ashlyn… they’re both in their “big” beds.  Nathan is laying sideways in his bed, right by his pillow.  Maybe he likes the feeling of hanging off his bed, I don’t know.   Ashlyn’s overhead light was turned on (she has a switch near her bed) and she was asleep at the foot of her bed, which has no guard rail or anything.  I’ll have to post some pictures, too… especially Ashlyn’s bed.  It is VERY tall and looks HUGE with her little 26 pound body.

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