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Albertsons Sales (Florida): Week of 08/27-09/02

August 27, 2008



NOTE: Publix bought out many Albertsons, so PLEASE check to see if your local Albertsons is going out of business or not.  For those that are, they will NOT honor any current sales ads; however, there are starting to be some real discounts for certain items in the stores, and the % off changes every Wednesday or Thursday.  So, if something isn’t  a great deal today, check it out next week to see if it might be better.

By the way, after asking a manager, they DO NOT take manufacturers or any coupons for items purchased at closing stores.


Butter: Albertson’s brand, 1.99/lb

Eastern Peaches: .88/lb

Easy Mac: 6 ct, .99 each (with in-store coupon.  Last time they did this they were taped to box)

Frozen Vegetables: 16 oz bag, .77 each

Gatorade: 64 oz, 3 for $4

Heinz Ketchup: 36 oz, or squeeze version, 32 oz.  1.38 each, LIMIT  one

King Crab Legs: 9.99/lb

Sea Scallops: 5.99 lb (note: sold in 2 lb bag)

Shrimp: Large white, 4.99/lb (note: sold in 2 lb bag)

Sirloin Steak: BOGO, boneless beef petite

Snow Crab Clusters: 4.99/lb

Tombstone Pizzas: 4 for 9.98



BOGO Deals

Boneless Ham (Cure 81)

Italian Sausage (Florio’s)

Johnsonville Bratwursts

Kraft Natural Sticks, Shredded or Cube Cheese

Lays Potato Chips (11.5-12 oz)

Oscar Meyer Beef Franks

Pork Tenderloins (Hormel, marinated)

Tilapia Filets


Bakery items (BOGO):

Chocolate Chip cookies (12 ct)

Hot dog or Hamburger Buns, Fresh (8 ct)



Other Deals Worth Mentioning

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts: 1.88/lb

Coke 12 packs: 4 for $8.88 (must buy 4, no more, no less for this price).

Ground Beef: 80%, 1.88/lb

Ice Cream Deals:  These abound…many are 2 for $4.88, including Breyers, Dove, popsicles, etc.  Too many to list- check your Albertson’s freezer section.

Kingsford Charcoal: 5.99/bag

Kraft BBQ Sauce: .67 EACH when you buy 3.  There is an in-store coupon.  Limit 1 coupon per customer.

Kraft Mayonnaise: 1.99 each when you buy 2.  There is an in-store coupon.  Limit 1 coupon per customer.

St. Louis Ribs: Buy ONE get TWO free!


Produce Deals:

Cantaloupes: 2 for $3

Grapes: red or green seedless, .98/lb

Portabello Mushrooms: 8 oz. package, buy ONE get TWO free!



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