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I’ve been gone a long time…

November 20, 2008

Really, blogging has taken a HUGE backseat.  Life has just been too crazy trying to keep up with the essentials, but I’m ready to start posting again to my online “journal” of sorts.  

Lately I’ve been beating myself up over my perceived “inadequacies” in this journey of motherhood.  No one ever said it would be this hard, but if they did, you don’t know until you’ve done it yourself.  It is an IMMENSE responsibility that God has given us mothers and fathers.  Yet society says it’s unimportant (especially being a SAHM) because you provide no income.  Your education is wasted.  You do nothing but sit around watching TV, getting fat while your kids run your life.  Such a lie from the pit of H*LL but we buy into it many times.  My self-worth has often been linked to what I “do” not who I am in Christ.

I am linking to a great post I ran across today.  If any of you are discouraged in what you’re doing as a SAHM, be encouraged.  Here it is.

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