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Trying to “get with it”

January 7, 2009

I just joined facebook after months of meaning to look into.  Very cool site… alot of people I haven’t seen or heard from in YEARS.  So weird to see people that, in my mind, are still 17 years old or so, but they’re adults with spouses and babies just like me.  Sort of weird how your mind compartmentalizes people in certain time periods and they stay that as they looked years ago.

Anyway, thing are hectic, crazy with 3 kids but alot of fun.  Joshua is now 4 months old, smiling, laughing, cooing.  He’s getting really interested in cereal, the TV (what a man, he focuses in on it automatically), and looking at life from 4 feet off the ground (hence why mommy’s back is out of whack from carrying his babyness around).  

Nathan is SO into video games, but I’m determined that he’s not going to be 10 years old and 200 pounds, blowing up people with games meant for adults.  Fortunately that’s also paired with hyperactivity, so I don’t think we’ll have that issue.  Ashlyn is sweet, other than that S-T-U-P-I-D word that flows so naturally out of her mouth.  It’s almost as constant as breathing.

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