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… and a dead animal in my attic

May 2, 2010

UPDATE: It wasn’t a dead animal.  It was a propane gas leak in the garage.  It was going for a good 18 hours or so at least and the house smelled like a carcass.  Thankfully no one was hurt.  Praise God!

Last night was an adorable night, really.  My oldest son wanted to run a “movie theater” so he made tickets, signs, and even planned the movie, “Because of Winn Dixie.”  He put me in charge of going to the store to get the essential refreshments (popcorn, M&Ms, sodas) and even had some leftover cotton candy from Busch Gardens on Friday which was now so condensed that to eat it would break a tooth.

ANYWAY, after coming back from the store into the house, I noticed something that smelled like cooked cabbage.  At first I thought it was our sprinkler system outside (the sprinkler water comes from very sulphuric well water).  The smell would not go away.  After a lovely  movie evening, we said our goodnights and went to bed.

About 4:00 I woke to go to the bathroom (as is my custom at least twice a night) and the smell was so horrid I felt nauseous.  I realized my husband was awake, too, and said he was feeling queasy.  It was VERY, VERY hot and humid yesterday, about 90 degrees, and the air was constantly on.  The smell seems to be coming from the attic area.

I know there’s rat poison up there.  I know that sometimes things just find a way in somehow and crawl up and die.  It just stinks so badly… at this point I’m not sure what we’ll do.  I have this image of my poor husband dragging this carcass out himself.  I’m just hoping it’s a squirrel or something.  If it’s a rat, I don’t know what I’ll do…

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