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The beginning of adulthood…

May 3, 2010

Last night my firstborn lost his first baby tooth.

And I got teary-eyed.

Even those milestones are to be celebrated, it is bittersweet that each one is one step closer to adulthood.   Nathan pulled out his first baby tooth, with the adult tooth already taking its place right behind it, claiming its permanent home.  It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that I was looking at his toothless, gum-filled grin awaiting the arrival of that first precious baby tooth.

(Forgive the sloppy scanning of the above picture.  I did it hurriedly a couple of years ago… it has since been pasted into a scrapbook and I’m feeling too lazy to Photoshop it right now).

Anyway, this little boy has grown up.  That toothless grin was soon replaced with sweet little baby teeth which have served him well the last six years.  I know his look will change once they have all been booted out by their adult counterparts.  Until then I’ll enjoy a little while longer with his sweet, child-like smile.

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