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15 Minutes a Day…

June 17, 2010

I’ve had an on-again/off-again relationship with FlyLady, the lovely website that sends you email reminders to “Go clean your toilet” and “wash those windows!”  I would get so far behind that to delete all of the emails would be more work than worth, and I’ve quit her program several times.  I know some people who live by these tasks and have wonderfully non-CHAOtic houses to come into.

Being a homeschooling family, we are ALL always home… with the exception of dear Dad who is working hard out in the world.  So messes will be made.  Alot of them.  We eat, play, study, rest here.  All the time.  Everyday.  So it goes without saying that our house will never be immaculate.  And when it is finally immaculate, I’ll be longing for the days of crayon colorings of dinosaurs on the wall and sticky juice spill remnants… signs of life in the house.

But one principle that works for me from FlyLady’s rituals is the 15 minute rule… you can do ANYTHING in 15 minutes.  Set the timer for 15 Minutes and go to work on a messy closet… race against the clock.  No interruptions (unless there’s blood spewing).  At the end of those 15 minutes… voila… it’s amazing what you can do.

So this afternoon has been a run of 15 minute cleans… and boy, does it ever look so much more improved!!!!

So that’s all for my 5  minute computer time.  Off to do another 15 minute job!  For more information on FlyLady, see

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