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Miscellany Monday

August 23, 2010

Time for another collection of random thoughts.  To link up your own randomness, visit Carissa at lowercase letters.

1. Ho hum.  It’s quite the rainy day here in W. Florida.  The weather is echoing the mood here today… Nathan isn’t super motivated this morning to do school, but we’ve already covered Bible, handwriting, math, and social studies.  Just a couple more things to go, but it’s like pulling teeth today to get anything accomplished.  We’re taking a break right now.  I hope Ashlyn doesn’t have a sour mood, too, when I pick her up from preschool here in a few minutes!

2. My dear hubby is such a blessing.  I am looking over at our laundry bins right now and they are empty thanks to his schlepping loads into the washer, dryer, and out.  Call me crazy, but my favorite part is folding and putting them up (his is the loading/unloading).  It’s nice when we can knock it all out in the weekend.  Such a “load” off.  (phew, that stunk).

3. Back to the workout grind today.  I haven’t done 5 days in a row in a few weeks now and, boy, am I feeling it.  Today 30 minutes on the elliptical about killed me!  Must… get…myself…out…of…bed.

4. I got these HUMONGOUS marshmallows at Big Lots yesterday.  I’ve never seen any this big.  Of course, I had to get graham crackers.  Unfortunate for my diet, we do have Ikea chocolate in the house; I’m looking forward to some S’more goodness sometime this week.  We do not have much of a yard in the back for a bonfire, so we’ll probably stick some twigs in our charcoal grill, burn them, and call them good.  Or we could roast them over our gas fireplace, but I’m not sure if that’s wise or not!

Thanks for reading my randomness!

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  1. August 23, 2010 11:07 am

    s’mores sound SO good right now. Yum. I am doing laundry now as you’ve probably guessed. And I am the opposite. I don’t mind putting it in and moving it around but HATE folding/hanging and putting it away. BLEH. Hope you have a great week, Robin!

    • Robin permalink*
      August 23, 2010 11:35 am

      Yep, got a hankering for s’mores right now, but probably won’t be gathering twigs for burning any time soon with the pouring rain. :( Have a good week, too!

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