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Miscellany Monday

August 30, 2010

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
I love how I do not have to think in complete thoughts on Monday’s post.  I’m still in weekend fog mode, so this type of post is perfect.  If you have randomness you’d like to share, link-up with Carissa at lowercase letters.

1. We had a visit to Mote Aquarium this past weekend.  Our passes expire on the 31st and we wanted to go before they did.  I took lots  of dolphin pics, but I could never get “the one.”  You know, with the curvy looking dolphin coming out of the water.  They were pretty much laid-back, sort of straight-bodied skimming on the top of the water. Anyway, we visited the Pelican Man Sanctuary right  next to it (it’s free) and looked at birds, too.  I took this shot of owls.  They’re sort of creepy if you look at them up close.  They all stared intensely at me and often times had only one eye open.

2. This week we’re doing a unit study on Curious George.  Sounds weird, I know, but there’s handwriting, vocabulary, science, math, and health to be learned.  I got this cute unit study material at Goodwill that was untouched.  Nathan LOVES Curious George, so it should be a fun homeschooling week (I hope).

3. Headaches, headaches, headaches.  With all this rain, my headaches have been in overdrive.  It’s not raining so far today, but the barometric pressure must still be sort of crazy.

4. My youngest turns 2 this coming Sunday.  It will be hard to believe… there’s no longer a baby in the house.  AND, usually by this time, I’m pregnant again.  But that’s not happening, unless my fallopian tubes have miraculously healed themselves or if God has other plans.  🙂

5. I’m starting to see Fall decorations around town.  Fall is a strange time in FL… leaves aren’t turning and falling off, yet people have scarecrows, hay stacks, and mums in their yards.  And it’s 90 degrees out, in October!  And don’t get me started on trick-or-treat costumes… they are NOT made for Floridian kids!  These poor darlings are sweating it out  pretending to be their favorite character in some long-sleeved outfit made for the arctic tundra.

6. I’m getting out my Motivated Mom charts again… hopefully I can stick with them better than I have the last couple of weeks.  My housework has failed somewhat miserably with school beginning again, but I really don’t tackle it until the afternoon.  School is a higher priority… still, I could do better!

Happy Monday to all!

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  1. August 30, 2010 8:52 am

    I love the owl picture, but I guess you already knew that!
    And I can totally feel your pain with the sinus-induced headaches!
    My baby just turned one. 😦 I’m not looking forward to two!

    • Robin permalink*
      August 30, 2010 12:18 pm

      Thanks Susan! Yes, the “horns” come out about 18 months old… jk. There’s pros and cons to every age!

  2. August 30, 2010 9:22 am

    The pic of the owls is great! Very beautiful colors. I’m potty training my baby. Kind of a weird feeling that she’s old enough to take this step. Haven’t decided if there will be a baby #3 just yet. Makes me a little sad to think all those maternity/baby clothes will never be used again – at least not by me. Hmm, we’ll see….

    • Robin permalink*
      August 30, 2010 12:20 pm

      Thank you! Good luck potty training… my daughter was MUCH easier to potty train than my 1st son. So far my youngest son just sits on it but has yet to do anything.

      And as far as the baby clothes, I totally understand… I’m not with you on the maternity ones, though. I absolutely hated wearing them the third time around!!! 🙂

  3. August 30, 2010 2:22 pm

    I love to decorate for fall too. It’s just so refreshing. I love fall! As for those headaches. Praying they go away. I have been there too. No fun!

    Thanks for your randomness



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