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Miscellany Monday

April 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1. Helper Bliss

My older two got dressed, brushed their teeth and hair, made their beds, and emptied the dishwasher without being asked this morning.  We just implemented a new chore chart today.  I know the novelty of it won’t last, but they know that if they get their chores done, they get paid.  If they don’t, they don’t.  I know some people are all for the allowance system where you get money regardless and you should be expected to do chores just because you’re a part of the family.  But money is quite the motivator for little ones.   I can do character training along the way about a job well done, doing kind things for others, etc (there’s also rewards for thoughtful behavior).   I sort of prefer the lesson of “you work, you earn” rather than instilling a sense of entitlement for nothing anyway.

2. Motivated Mama

Back to school this week.  Nothing like a break to get you motivated to jump back in.  I’m all gung-ho about homeschooling again.  A break is good!  We plan on teaching throughout April and May and ending the first part of June.

3. Addiction Bye Bye

Still off of caffeine for the most part, but I think I did have 2 diet cokes in the last week (at restaurants).  I just can’t stomach restaurant water sometimes and I’m not a lemon or lime gal.  That’s better than 3+ glasses of diet per DAY!

4. Too jiggly

Going to start back in on my 30 Day Shred.  My scale hasn’t moved in a LONG time.  At least it’s not going up.  But it’s not going down either.  Time to rev up the metabolism.

5. It’s like living in someone’s mouth

It’s hot, y’all.  Close to 90 and humid.  Summer has begun in Florida.  And it lasts until October. 🙂




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  1. April 11, 2011 8:54 am

    So are you shredding today? If you are then I will. I need someone to be accountable to. HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE! It’s in the 80’s here so we’re already starting to feel the heat, though spring just officially started. And I agree…. money is a great motivator for little ones. If Keegan picks up all his toys and puts them away he gets paid. He’s also learning that if he gets a dollar, 10 cents of that belongs to God. Love that!

  2. Kaylee Vida permalink
    April 11, 2011 3:37 pm

    So, where did you get your chore chart? Or did you make it? I am wanting to implement one at our house too. Money seems to be motivating Madeline right now too, so I am going to go with it!

    Vence got me some other Jillian videos for my birthday. I have done a couple of them. They are good too. They separate things – one day is front, one day is back, another day is cardio – although all of them are cardio!!! She keeps you moving!

    Courtney, love teaching about tithing!

  3. April 12, 2011 12:10 pm

    That is extremely hot!! We are just getting to low 60’s and that feels warm. 🙂

    Great chore chart — I went over and peeked and found it great!

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