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Trip to KY

July 23, 2011

Yesterday we got back from our trip to see my parents in Kentucky.  We spent a week hanging out at my parents, going to various children’s entertainment establishments (read: Chuck E Cheese and the like), spending time together and enjoying each other and the kids.

I usually fly into Nashville but decided to save about $300 and use Allegiant Airlines to take a direct flight from a small airport near Orlando and fly into one in a small town in Kentucky.  I had no idea what to expect at the Kentucky airport.  I grew up about an hour from this airport and had never heard of it.  Neither had my parents.

So, as we flew into Kentucky… NO JOKE… people were standing by the fence waving at us.  That was the waiting area for visitors.  Here’s a back view of it.

A ramp was rolled up to the airplane to let people off and on…

Below you can see the airport pretty much in its entirety.  To the left is the loading area.  To the right is the building that houses the ticket counter, baggage claim, and gate.  There is an office building on the other side that you can’t see, but I think the size of the airport is probably about the size of my house.

Ticket counter… this angle probably makes it look larger than it is.  I should be a realtor.

This is the baggage claim conveyor belt.  You can see where it disappears on the left… that’s it.

I didn’t take any pics of security or the gate waiting area because I didn’t know if that was illegal or anything.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics of me with my mom and dad.  I took these on the day we left to come back to FL, but I thought I’d post them first to give you an idea of who we visited… for some reason my right eye always opens up bigger in alot of photos.  All these pics were with my point and shoot (I left my DSLR at home) so I have alot of nasty flash and red eye stuff to deal with 😉  Here’s me and my mom…

Here’s me and my dad…

We had a family member that was going through surgery the day we arrived, so the kids and I went to my grandmother’s house (Nana) and hung out there a little bit.  Here she is with her hubby Ray (who she married about 4 years back or so).


At my parents house, they bought an inflatable pool and set it up in their back patio area.  The kids had a blast playing in it… Mom and Dad called it the “cement pond” via Beverly Hillbillies style. 😉

Here’s our at-home version of a splash park.  We did make it to a real waterpark when we were there, however, but they also had fun getting the water hose treatment from my dad…

Unfortunately while we were in KY my parents lost one of their furry companions, their dog Tigger 😦

After 7 days it was time to head home.  We went to the same small airport to take off.  We waited in the airport restaurant (read: four tables and a vending machine).

This is the best picture we could get in a hurry of the kids with their Grandad and Grandma T (Ashlyn wasn’t having any of it)…

I honestly don’t think it’s that she’s being pouty… she genuinely doesn’t like goodbyes.

The plane was nice and each kid had their own portable electronic device.  Neither Ashlyn or Joshua liked to wear the headphones that their mommy packed so diligently for them in their backpacks, so they put their ear up to them.   Nathan had his Nintendo DS, Joshua a DVD player, and Ashlyn a Tag Reader.

I didn’t plan so well for me.  I didn’t have a portable electronic device.  My dad got a free copy of GQ in the mail, so I stuck it in my backpack and read some of it on the plane.  It was kind of a weird read for me because: 1. I’m a female and the topics aren’t really geared for me (but the ads far beat the emaciated models that grace the pages of female magazines  AND 2. The language was pretty bad and there were stories like “What Do I Wear to My Atheist Friend’s Third-Wife Commitment Ceremony?”  (yep, real article in the June 2011 GQ, p.66).

After we arrived in FL, we were greeted by smiles and hugs from my hubby who didn’t like an empty house for too long… sorry, this is the only pic I have (it was a little crazy trying to get everything gathered and keep the kids in tow).

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  1. July 23, 2011 8:29 am

    Wow! You sure did get your Daddy’s eyes! : ) It looks like you all had a really good time during your visit. It’s always good to ‘go home’, isn’t it? : ) So sorry about your mom and dad’s doggy. 😦 And it sure is easy to tell that your dad is sad to see you guys leaving. Look how sad he looks in the pic with the kids! Hope you get to visit with them again soon.

    I don’t hang out at a whole bunch of airports, but that one sure is tiny! I’m one of those folks who is absolutely terrified of flying, so that small plane would REALLY scare me!

  2. Judy permalink
    July 23, 2011 3:37 pm

    Enjoyed your pictures and dialogue very much. I have looked at using that airlines but whenever we want to go, the days are never available. It also flys out of Ft Myers/Punta Gorda. Is the Owensboro Airport near the mall? I flew up this spring in a private jet and we landed not far from the mall. Used Keller Rd to get over to it.

  3. July 26, 2011 10:36 am

    Where was that airport? Not sure I’ve heard of it either. So glad you all had a great visit. Hate to hear your parents lost one of their pets. 😦

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