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Where did the summer go?

August 3, 2011

Seriously… where did it go?  I had such BIG plans for the summer.  One of my plans was to spend each day going through one month of photos beginning with March 2006.  How far did I get?  June 2006.  Yep, behind on that one.

My other plan was to do ALOT of fun things.  Movies, outings.  We’ve done a couple and I’m hoping to do one today, but quite honestly, the month of June stunk because of sickness that seemed to cover every square inch of space in our house.  It ran its course at separate times with different people.  Different members of our family had manifestations of it in different ways.

We did manage to get to KY to see my parents and to do an overnight trip to Sanibel Island in July.  It still seems like a large part of that month is missing, though.  Where did it go?

And now it’s August.  We’ll begin school in a couple of weeks (provided Mom can get her act together and continue to plan).  Ashlyn is already BEGGING to do school.  Nathan isn’t so stoked.  I think we’ll try to squeeze in a couple of fun things before all the craziness with that begins.

Have you accomplished everything on your summer to-do list yet?

Today’s picture edit is from the Edit Me Challenge over at My Reflection of Something.  You are given a picture and then everyone that participates edits that picture in a different way.

I must confess… I  used alot of actions on this one.  I like to try to do everything myself or at least attempt to, maybe limiting actions to one or two.  But today I’m of the persuasion that actions are there for a reason and I might as well use them 😉

Here’s the before: photo courtesy of Carrie at Page’s Memories

Here’s the after:

First I cropped it in a bit to an aspect ratio of 5X7…

Ran Ashley Sisk’s Clean Action  (I can’t find the link) 😦

Ran Vibrance by A Sort of Fairytale at 60%

Ran The Bees Knees/Urban Delight (I can’t remember opacity levels)

Ran Pioneer Woman’s Quick Edge Burn, changed the color to a sea blue and lowered the opacity.

Here they are side by side…


There ya go!  I’m off to try to check off some more things on my summer list.  Have an awesome Wednesday!
My Reflection of Something

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  1. August 3, 2011 10:07 am

    This one is great – loving the processing.

  2. August 3, 2011 10:52 am

    Love it! : )
    As for the disappearing summer, I’m feeling much the same as you. My kids go back to school in two weeks and I’m SO not ready for that. I do, however, adore autumn and can’t wait for the cooler temps, the turning leaves and all the yummy foods that I associate with the season. : )

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